Smoke Fire and Angels by Mark Robinson

Tragedy on Avon Mountain and the Life-Changing Aftermath by Mark Robinson

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tragedy on Avon Mountain

All book proceeds will be donated to a fund for crash victims and their families.

Shortly after the tragedy, Avon Police Officer Sue Kassey wrote this message on the underside of the "mechanic's creeper" she uses to inspect trucks.
Since the crash, Officer Kassey has stopped thousands of trucks and removed nearly half from the road due to serious safety violations. For more details, see Smoke, Fire and Angels, Chapter 15, "Never Forget."

Smoke, Fire and Angels
2010 New England Book Festival
Dec '09 Connecticut Magazine Interview
Smoke, Fire and Angels is a true story, the best and most irresponsible among us. It's about what happened before, during and after one of the worst crashes in Connecticut history. It's about innocent victims and heroes - everyday people who did extraordinary things, literally picking up the pieces of the broken lives left in the wake of a poorly maintained, uninsured, fully loaded, out-of control Mack dump truck.

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